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Customise your own unique jigsaw puzzles.
Personalised Jigsaw Puzzles where you choose the puzzle size, the puzzle piece cut style and the puzzle artwork from either our handpicked artwork library or by uploading your own. With our Wall Mounting Kit add-on you're able to display your puzzle (artwork) on your wall - with or without a puzzle border (more on this later) and without damaging your walls.


Jigsaw [art] Puzzles by Opiqo is a jigsaw puzzle like no other. Your customisable, high-quality jigsaw puzzle is made to order from the choices you make. You create your puzzle by choosing from many options including the puzzle size, the puzzle piece cut style and the images on each puzzle. Your personalised puzzles will then be created by the talented team at Opiqo - the same bunch of people who brought you Tinyme (like Opiqo..but for little kids) which has been running since 2006 and has made and shipped to over 1 million happy customers.

All puzzles in your chosen puzzle size will have the same cut style. However, you choose any image to use for each puzzle. e.g - all 6 puzzles in a Small set will have the same cut style (Standard, Bubble, Hatch or Octagon). The images on each of those 6 puzzles can be either uploaded images or images chosen from our Opiqo Art Library.

Puzzle piece quantities vary with each size and puzzle cut style. Small puzzles range from 36-50 pieces for each puzzle, Medium puzzles range from 64-85 pieces for each puzzle and Large puzzles range from 324 to 379 total puzzle pieces.

Note: For more information on specific numbers for each size and cut style, see the "MORE INFO ON SIZES" section below.

Jigsaw [art] Puzzles are not double sided.

Each puzzle set (Small, Medium & Large) will come with their own storage box. Yay for no more missing pieces!

Easily mount your puzzle works of art on your walls with our simple-to-apply Wall Mounting Kit (sold separately).

For more information about our Wall Mounting Kit, and for full instructions, see "MORE INFO ON OUR OPTIONAL WALL MOUNTING KIT" below.

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Opiqo is a team of creatives that design, code, and make (like actually make) beautiful products and art for your home. Everything is custom made to order by us, in our design studio and workshop. We’re based in Melbourne, Australia but have local websites in a whole bunch of countries. While Opiqo came to life in late 2021 you may have heard of one of our other brands, Tinyme. It's like Opiqo but for little kids. We’ve been running since 2006 and have made and shipped to over 1 million happy customers! Click here to learn more

Name Puzzles make the perfect gift and when a child receives a keepsake, custom made puzzle with their very own name they feel special, loved and unique.

Here at Tinyme we've developed a contemporary, high quality version of the timeless Wooden Name Puzzle, with an exclusive range of beautiful designs, educational super powers and integrated storage for easy pack up. We uniquely decorate the puzzle base and letters on both their front and back, and even decorate the surface the letters sit in. Oh, and did we mention each name puzzle comes with a FREE felt storage pouch or upgrade to our solid wooden storage box, with beautiful finger jointed construction, where the integrated slide-in lid becomes the puzzle base. Yep, I think we did...

Along with looking amazing by being printed in high resolution colour (on both front and the back of the base and letters), each Tinyme Name Puzzle is made from premium quality, non-toxic materials which comply with international toy standards. This means that not only do they look great, they are safe and durable for kiddies to play with over and over again.

Choose between a FREE felt storage pouch or upgrade to our solid wooden storage box, with beautiful finger jointed construction, where the integrated slide-in lid becomes the puzzle base. Hooray for no more lost name puzzle pieces!

Tinyme Name Puzzles are a generous size and perfect for your little ones to handle. Your puzzle is 100mm in height and depending on the name, your puzzle can be between 285mm to 440mm in length (holding between 5 and 10 letters). Letters vary in size up to 55mm high and are a chunky 9mm thickness - perfect for little fingers.

Tinyme Name Puzzles are safe to use for children over our recommended age of 18 months and over. We conduct rigorous independent laboratory testing ensuring our puzzles comply with international toy standards.

Tinyme's Name Puzzles are both educational and fun! We know they may not appreciate that they are developing fine motor skills, refining colour and shape recognition, learning to spell their name and improving their pack up skills... But they will feel oh-so loved! Unlike many of the name puzzles you can buy, which come in all capitals, Tinyme Wooden Name Puzzles are made in title case (1st letter capital and rest of the letters lower case), which is the ideal way for a child to learn their name. Each letter is a generous size and the chunky 9mm letters are perfect for little fingers.

We can’t make non-alphabetical letters, symbols, hyphens or any other special characters.

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At Tinyme we’ve been designing and crafting unique custom made products (not only name puzzles!) in our production studio since 2006, shipping over 1 million orders to over 70 countries! Everything is done in-house... Our customer service, design, marketing, engineering, software and production teams are all in-house down here in Melbourne, Australia. Click here to learn more. 


4 Cut Styles & 3 Puzzle Sizes

Your choice of puzzle piece cut shape... Standard, Bubble, Hatch or Octagon & the puzzle size... Small (set of 6), Medium (set of 3) or Large (1 single).


Small - Set of 6 (100mm / 4")

• Standard Cut: 36 pcs ea. puzzle | 216 total pcs
• Hatch Cut: 38 pcs ea. puzzle | 228 total pcs
• Bubble Cut: 38 pcs ea. puzzle | 228 total pcs
• Octagon Cut: 50 pcs ea. puzzle | 300 total pcs

While a 36-50 piece puzzle may seem like child's play, the intricate laser-cut pieces all mixed together can be quite challenging. In our playtesting, our small puzzles take around 20 minutes each or about 2 hours for the set to be completed.

Medium - Set of 3 (145mm / 6")

• Standard Cut: 64 pcs ea. puzzle | 192 total pcs
• Hatch Cut: 85 pcs ea. puzzle | 255 total pcs
• Bubble Cut: 75 pcs ea. puzzle | 225 total pcs
• Octagon Cut: 75 pcs ea. puzzle | 225 total pcs

Medium puzzles can take around 30 minutes each to complete, making it a great, quick "brain snack".

Large - 1 Single Puzzle (305mm / 12")

• Standard Cut: 324 total pcs
• Hatch Cut: 376 total pcs
• Bubble Cut: 377 total pcs
• Octagon Cut: 379 total pcs

Large puzzles provide a good jigsaw challenge without taking over the entire room. With the optional Wall Mounting Kit, they look fantastic on the wall.

Choose Our Art or Upload Your Own!

Choose from hundreds of artwork options from our Opiqo Art Library or turn photo memories not only into puzzles but puzzle art by uploading your own images.


Choose popular artworks from masters like Van Gogh or Katsushika Hokusai (look him up, he's pretty awesome), the Moon Landing, obscure (but beautiful) naturalist illustrations, patterns & quotes and more! We have something for everyone.

Prefer a puzzle that's more...you? No problem! You have the option to upload your own artwork. Create your own puzzles of dogs, cats, family, friends, pets, landscapes, your kid's drawings or any image living in your phone. Turn those memories not only into puzzles but into puzzle art!

Jigsaws Without Borders

Displayed your puzzles (artwork) with either straight edges or with their unique edges based on the cut style. Simply decide whether or not you would like to apply the puzzle border when you have completed your puzzle.

Your Walls Have Never Looked So Good

Show off your jigsaw masterpiece for all to see. Our optional Wall Mounting Kit will get your works of art up from tabletops and on your walls with no hooks, no gluing, no damage & no mess! Oh, and they are easily repositionable too!


Wanting to move beyond the calming but brain-stimulating challenge of your new jigsaws? Before packing them up again into the beautiful custom made box, why not add-on the optional Wall Mounting Kit and create a jigsaw art masterpiece. No messy puzzle gluing here. With the removable foam tape you will NOT damage your walls.

Optional Wall Mounting Kit Includes:

  • Mounting Stickers that can be used for puzzles either with or without a straight border
  • Removable foam tape that will NOT damage your walls
  • Enough Mounting Stickers for all puzzles in the set (small=6, medium=3, large=1)

For Wall Mounting Instructions Click Here

Please Note: Applying a Mounting Sticker onto a Jigsaw Puzzle is permanent and cannot be removed once applied. Wall Mounting Kit does not include frames. When applying the Wall Mounting Kit, the backing sticker can easily be trimmed down to size when applying it to a borderless puzzle.


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Hundreds of artwork options or upload your own

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Jigsaw [art] Puzzles are recommended for persons over 12 years of age.